Chairman John Ballantyne

Chairman John Ballantyne currently serves as Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST) for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC), as a Trustee on the Northeast Carpenters Funds, Carpenters Local No. 491 Funds, Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters Funds, and Carpenters Health & Welfare, Pension & Annuity and Savings Funds of Philadelphia & Vicinity.

He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Carpenter Contractor Trust NY/NJ. Prior to his election to EST, he served as Assistant EST.

In his current role as EST, John leads one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast, comprising 40,000 members throughout the states of Delaware and New Jersey, plus regions in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. He oversees the NRCC’s business strategy and critical financial planning, as well as contract negotiations, development of contractor relations, training and recruiting efforts to ensure that the organization can work cooperatively with contractors and maintain the superior quality of workmanship that contractors expect from union carpenters.

Prior to his role as EST, he served as the Assistant Supervisor and Chief Compliance Officer for the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC), as a Trustee to multiple funds, and served on the Board of Directors for the NYCDCC Labor Management Corporation from 2009 to 2011. During John’s time in New York City, he helped supervise day-to-day operations of one of the largest construction Councils of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBCJA), including oversight of financial and strategic planning, development of contractor relations, and supervision of office staff. In John’s capacity as Chief Compliance Officer, his duties included implementation of an effective Compliance and Ethics Program, which included identifying deficiencies and implementing necessary improvements within the Program.

From 2006 – 2010, John served as the Northern and Central Area Manager for the New Jersey Regional Council of Carpenters, where he led the management and coordination of Council Representatives, coordination of multiple organizing activities within assigned areas, and devised effective outreach efforts to contractors and membership.

From 2000 – January 2008, John served as a regional and then as statewide Director of Organizing. During his tenure, he demonstrated a commitment to continuing education that led to the development of numerous training and evaluation programs used by the UBCJA to transform Union Carpenters into Union Builders. He has traveled to other Councils as an instructor for these programs.

Prior to his leadership roles within the Brotherhood, from 1982 – 1998 John Ballantyne served as Foreman and Superintendent for several large contractors in Northern New Jersey. He has been a member of the UBCJA for 34 years.

In addition to his service as a Commissioner for the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, John continues to play an active role in his community, and also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Passaic County Community College Foundation.

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