Application Process and Forms


Please note, effective immediately, all applications in Secaucus and Kearny will require 4 (four) sets of plans. Please continue to submit these applications to the NJSEA. The review of such applications will be conducted by Secaucus or Kearny, as appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please note that the utilization of any storage containers on a site, including but not limited to shipping containers and “PODS,” constitutes “outdoor storage,” which is not permitted in the Hackensack Meadowlands District, except for within the Heavy Industrial and Intermodal B zones.

Provisions for Waivers and Other Relief

On February 24, 2010, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission adopted Resolution No. 10-08 in response to Executive Order No. 2 (2010), which directs certain State agencies to facilitate intermediate relief from regulatory burdens by identifying any regulations and processes that impede economic development.

Pursuant to this regulatory review, the staff has identified a number of existing provisions for waivers and other relief included within the District Zoning Regulations at N.J.A.C. 19:4 and the District Subdivision Regulations at N.J.A.C. 19:5 that are consistent with the intent of Executive Order No. 2 to provide flexibility in the regulatory review process.

Applications submitted:

Land Use Staff

Land Use Management (LUM) employees are organized into two groups.

Site Plan Review Group

The Site Plan Review group is responsible for establishing and enforcing the zoning and subdivision regulations of the Meadowlands District. All plans and property improvements, including redevelopment projects, are reviewed in accordance with Regulations, which effectuate the Meadowlands Master Plan to ensure orderly development.

Plan Review Group

The Plan Review group is responsible for reviewing all proposed development in accordance with New Jersey's Uniform Construction Code.

Zoning Officer of the Day

To ensure that questions from property owners and businesses are answered in a timely and efficient manner, the assigned Zoning Officer of the Day responds to phone calls and walk-in inquiries related to zoning/permitted land uses, planning, redevelopment, and application procedures in the Meadowlands District. To contact the Zoning Officer of the Day, please call 201.460.1700.

To download application forms for submission to Land Use Management click on the appropriate document below.

Site Plan Review Application Forms

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR APPLICATIONS IN SECAUCUS AND KEARNY Please note, effective immediately, all applications in Secaucus and Kearny will require 4 (four) sets of plans. Thank you for your cooperation.

Plan Review Application Forms:

Construction Code Plan Review Application and Fees

Guidelines, References and Checklists:

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Site Plan Review and Zoning Certificates

The NJSEA’s Site Plan Review group acts in a similar capacity to traditional municipal planning and zoning boards. Site plans for new development are reviewed to ensure compliance with the zoning and subdivision regulations.

Public hearings are held only for applications involving variances or special exception requests and are not required for applications that conform to NJSEA regulations. The Site Plan Review group reviews land use applications and forwards conforming applications to the Chief Engineer for approval.

Site plan reviews are conducted in connection with the submission of applications for a Zoning Certificate and/or a Certificate of Continued Occupancy. Zoning Certificate approval is required for all new buildings, additions, site improvements (including the placement of fill) and change in use of existing buildings. A Continued Occupancy Certificate or Certificate of Completion and/or Occupancy Approval is required upon each change of tenant or at the completion of a construction project.

The review conducted by the site plan review group includes site plan, grading and drainage, lighting, open space, landscaping and utilities. In addition to reviewing applications for new development, the site plan review staff also reviews sign permit applications and occupancy certification applications, which are required before any tenant can occupy new or additional space within any building in the District.

Procedures for Zoning Certificate Application

To obtain Zoning Certificate approval, an application including the following information must be filed with the NJSEA.

  • Applicant information
  • Property location and ownership information
  • Proposed tenant and use
  • Three copies of the site plan and any other plans, reports or certifications required.
  • Required fee

The Zoning Certificate application form, accompanied by the required plans and fees, is submitted to the NJSEA Administrative Coordinator. The application is reviewed by LUM staff for completeness upon receipt of the file. Upon issuance of a Zoning Certificate, the file is referred to the Plan Review group to evaluate the plan's consistency with applicable building code requirements.

Procedures for Continued Occupancy Certificate Review

A fully executed application for occupancy certification, accompanied by the required plans and fees, is submitted to the NJSEA Administrative Coordinator. The application is reviewed by LUM staff for completeness upon receipt of the file, and an inspection of the premises will be conducted. The applicant will either receive a letter of findings detailing items to be addressed prior to receiving a Continued Occupancy Certification, or a Continued Occupancy Certification if there are no items to be addressed.

Zoning Inspections

NJSEA staff conducts routine inspections of properties within the Meadowlands District to ensure compliance with land use regulations pertaining to fill operations, site work and construction, dumping, signage, property maintenance, debris and vegetation, occupancy, and tenants.

Construction Code Plan Review

The NJSEA has the responsibility for reviewing construction plans, specifications and details for new construction, alterations and renovations to buildings within the Meadowlands District for conformance with the NJ Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC). Inspections are also performed as deemed necessary, or as requested by the local Code Enforcement Official.

To obtain a construction/building permit, an applicant must submit the applicable NJUCC Sub-Code forms along with four sets of construction plans to the Municipal Construction Official. After the plans are date stamped by the municipality, the applicant delivers three sets and the UCC forms to the NJSEA for review. At that time, a fee for plan review must be paid to the NJSEA.

If the plans comply with applicable codes, the NJSEA will issue a Certificate of Plan Release. Upon issuance of the release, two sets of plans will be returned to the Municipal Construction Official, who will issue a construction/building permit. The applicant receives a copy, which is to be displayed at the job site at all times during construction.

The applicant is required to notify the Municipal Construction Official for inspections as required by law.

In addition, upon completion of the work in accordance with the approved plans, the applicant shall notify the NJSEA to schedule a final inspection. The NJSEA will then issue a Certificate of Completion and/or Occupancy Approval, which will be forwarded to the Municipal Construction Official. The Municipal Construction Official is responsible for ensuring that the applicant has complied with all sub-code regulations and issuing a Certificate of Occupancy when applicable.