Redevelopment Plans

The redevelopment process has proven beneficial for District municipalities in which the redevelopment areas are located as well as for the region overall. As areas of contamination and dereliction are rehabilitated over time, everyone reaps the benefit of cleaner, aesthetically enhanced sites. NJSEA works closely with our constituent municipalities to identify sites in need of redevelopment and prepare redevelopment plans in a very public forum, with input from government entities as well as the public at large.

Redevelopment Plans available for download:
16th Street Redevelopment Plan
Belleville Turnpike Redevelopment Plan
Hartz Carpet Center Redevelopment Plan
Highland Cross Redevelopment Plan
Kearny Area Redevelopment Plan
Kingsland Redevelopment Plan
Koppers Coke Peninsula Redevelopment Plan
Lyndhurst Block 228, Lot 3
Paterson Plank Road Redevelopment Plan
Route 3 East Redevelopment Plan
Secaucus Transit Village Redevelopment Plan
Schmitt Redevelopment Plan
Teterboro/Industrial Avenue Redevelopment Plan
Vincent Place Redevelopment Plan
Redeveloper Agreements available for download:

16th Street Redevelopment Plan: Ogden Realty, II
Koppers Coke Peninsula Redevelopment Plan: Morris Kearny Associates LLC
Kearny Redevelopment Plan: Vineland Construction Co.
Lyndhurst Block 228 Lot 3 Redevelopment Plan: Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.
Secaucus Transit Village Redevelopment Plan: Fraternity Meadows, LLC
Teterboro Landing Redeveloper Agreement